7 Reasons Echinacea Tea Is Good For Your Health

Echinacea TeaEchinacea is an herbal remedy which is often used by people for the treatment of cold and flu. Hundreds of years ago Native Americans used to use Echinacea and it was before the arrival of European settlers, explorers and colonizers. Then in the early 1800s Echinacea got popularity as an herbal remedy among the people who settled in the USA and soon European people started to use it. In 1920s some researches were done on it in Germany which made the plant more popular.

Echinacea is a plant whose flowers, stems, leaves and roots are used to produce liquid extracts, supplements and teas. Once planted, this plant live for many years and the plant is usually 30-60 centimeters (1-2 feet) tall when it is matured. They are little prickly type and have large flowers in purple to pink colors. The color of the flowers usually depends on the spices.

The promoters of this herb say that this plant heartens the immune system in human body and also reduces the symptoms of flu, colds, infections and some other illness. It is available in several forms such as liquid extracts, teas, dried herb, and tablets or capsules at health shops, supermarkets and pharmacies.

Echinacea’s three spices are usually used as herbal remedies and these are: Narrow-leaf coneflower, pale purple coneflower and eastern purple coneflower.

Active substances in Echinacea

A complex mixture of active substances is present in Echinacea. Some of the substances are antimicrobial and some of them have an effect on the immune system of human body. All spices of this Echinacea (herbal remedy) contain a compound which is called phenols. Phenols are found in many plants, it is active substances which control the activity of the cell receptors and enzymes and protect the plant from the ultra violate radiation damage and infections. High antioxidant properties are present in phenols and these antioxidant properties are good for human body. Echinacea also has alkamides which have a strong effect on our immune system.

Polysaccharides, caffeic acid derivatives and glycoproteins are also present in Echinacea.

Here are 7 benefits of Echinacea tea for health

1. Antitumor properties

There was a possibility that Echinacea could have the properties of antitumor. Some studies were done on it, though there is no such evidence which can prove that this fact is true but it is considered to be true. So drink Echinacea tea everyday to prevent tumor.

2. Good for colds

Studies have found that if Echinacea tea is taken regularly at the time of cold, then it can shorten the time span of recovery. Testing was done and it proved that the recovery time is shortened by an average 1.4 days if the tea is taken.

3. Enhances immunity

Not only people with cold get benefitted from this tea, it also helps to boost the immunity against flu and coughs and other upper repository ailments. The immune system is simulated and T-cell renewal is activated.

4. Relives from pain

Echinacea tea is perfect to lower enlarged or swollen glands and also it gives relief from sore throat when consumed. So this herb comes useful for several purposes.

5. Relives infections

If you have any minor infections or urinary infections then drink this tea and surely you will get relief from the infections.

6. Combats herpes

If the Echinacea tea is taken properly, then it can combat candida and herpes with other treatments. This herb also helps the while blood cells to fight germs and diseases, which in result help some ailments to lower in intensity.

7. Can be used as a tropical treatment

One can use Echinacea tea as a tropical treatment and it has seen that it has the ability to heal several skin problems as well. The skin problems include inflammation, acne, irritations, eczema and sometimes painful boils.

If this tea is taken regularly then it helps in healing joint disorders and muscle problems.

Some other reasons of using Echinacea by people are:

 Chronic fatigue syndrome

 Dizziness

 Acid indigestion

 ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

 Diphtheria

 Gum disease

 Genital herpes

 Malaria

 Pain Migraines

 Rheumatism

 Rattlesnake bites

 Septicemia bloodstream infections

 Syphilis

 Streptococcous infections

 Tonsillitis

 The flu

 Typhoid

 Vaginal yeast infection

 Urinary tract infections

Echinacea disclaimer

Though there are many benefits of Echinacea tea and other supplements and it can give us much needed boost, but in some situations it is suggested not to take this herb as the situation could get worsen then. People with some immune system diseases such as multiple sclerosis or tuberculosis, AIDs or HIV should not consume any form of Echinacea such as tea, extracts, dried herb, capsules or tablets without consulting a doctor. According to some researches it has seen that these kinds of diseases may get irritated by Echinacea, so the symptoms and outbreaks may get worse than before.

Though some negative effects are there of Echinacea, the positive sides of this herb can beat the deficiencies. It is recommended to always consult with your doctor before adding anything new to your diet plan such as Echinacea tea or other forms.

This tea is found in many places including grocery stores and health food stores. So it will not be a difficult job to find it. Staying healthy is the thing that everyone wants as it can increase your productivity. So consult with your doctor, add Echinacea tea to your diet and stay healthy.