9 Benefits of Having a High Fiber Diet

High Fiber DietOne good thing about internet is that it is making people more aware of healthy diets. People these days do not just eat to live, they know that there are some foods which are going to make the quality of their life much better and that is why they try to include these foods in their diet as much as possible. Fiber content in food is one of the most concerns of health conscious people. Some of them actually take fiber substitutes which is absolutely unnecessary. There are lots of natural foods that have high fiber in it and taking some of them every day is enough. But if you are one of those who do not know why they should go for a high fiber diet then here are 9 reasons.

Keeps the heart healthy

A recent study showed that people who eat a fiber rich diet suffer less heart problems than people who eat a high protein diet. Foods with soluble fiber like oats are really good for heart. According to heat specialists an average person needs 25 grams of fiber per day to keep his/ her heart healthy. So make sure that you are taking some time of natural soluble fiber every day. If you are doing a high protein diet to lose weight then adding 2/3 cucumber is not going to ruin your diet but it will cut down your risk of developing heart problems.

Blood sugar control

When someone is diagnosed with diabetes the doctors ask them to stop eating foods like rice, white bread every day and start taking oats. Soluble fiber absorbs the sugar from the blood, if you have eaten too much sugar, then try eating something that has high fiber and you will feel better immediately.


Fiber rich foods also keep the blood cholesterol level in check, that is why all men over the age of 50 need to check that they are getting enough fibers from their diet every day. Just adding 1 gram more fiber in your diet cuts the risk of stroke by 1 percent. Women are also dying because of strokes a lot these days, so they also need to be careful about fiber.


Fiber is one of the most essential nutritions for human body, in simple words fiber makes us poop faster. In high protein diet people sometimes cannot go to the toilet for days and this is really harmful as the bacteria from foods stays longer in their body. These bacteria can also cause cancer. If you eat a green leaf rich diet then you will need to use the toilet 3 times a day. Do not worry as this is the best way to live, eat and you have to go to the toilet, your bowel will always be clean, in future your chances of getting colon cancer will also be reduced because of this.


You must have noticed that you have hard times digesting a stake, but nobody ever experienced indigestion because of a green salad. No matter how big the plate was, that is because green leaves have lots of fiber, so if you eat lots of green salad then it will not only digest well itself but it will also make you digest the other foods you ate better. So no matter what kind of diet you are following make sure that you are eating enough greens with it. There are lots of green vegetable which are very low in curb, so you will never put on weight by eating them.

Great for weight loss

If your diet is full of fiber rich food then you will less likely to cheat on your diet. You obviously noticed that oatmeal keeps you full a lot longer than any other food you eat on your diet. Salads are great, but they cannot keep you full for longer, same thing applies to fruit, it actually makes you feel hungrier. This is why at least for breakfast you need to eat either a bowl of oatmeal or a slice of whole grain bread. It will be worth the calorie and you will most likely stick to your diet.

Better for mood

Most women over 30 suffer from PMS, but a recent study showed that women who take more fiber rich food during their time of the month feel happier and relaxed compared to those women who stick to a high protein diet. It is possible that fiber helps our body in releasing happy hormone, another possible reason maybe is that fiber helps in evacuating the bowel regularly, so the bacteria do not stay inside us for long. Women who can go toilet regularly during periods suffer from fewer cramps, and that is why they feel happy.

Irritable bowel syndrome

Study has also shown that people found relief from irritable bowel syndrome after they started taking a fiber rich diet. Specially taking leafy vegetables helped them a lot in dealing with their condition. This syndrome is very common in people who eat a lot of red meat. So rather than eating eggs or fruits for breakfast they should try eating a bowl of oatmeal, which will definitely be better option for them.

For better kidney

When you start doing high protein diets like Atkins they warn you that you can get kidney stones by eating too much protein. We are not saying that you do not try these diets but you should always make sure that there is a balance. Take low curb vegetables along with your food, so that you do not have constipation problem. This is the only way to avoid kidney stones and keep your system clear.

But before we finish make sure that you do not take too much fiber, its good but like everything else you have to make sure that you keep a check on the portion. Keep your diet as natural as possible and you will always be healthy.