Magical Health Recipe – Carrot Juice Benefits

carrot juice benefitsMany of us are unaware of what the favorite food of Bugs Bunny can do to our health. It is rich in minerals and nutrients. Diseases can be avoided and treated through the consumption of carrot juice, it improves our skin, vision, nail and hair as well. This magical potion if taken daily can keep you away from unwanted sickness. The best part is that it is a tasty drink and with the wonders it does to your health you might want to include it in your everyday breakfast diet.

Carrot Juice Benefits

Now that we know that carrot juice is extensively good for our health would you not want to know what makes it so healthy. Well, the secret ingredient in it is the high amount of beta-carotene, vitamins and potassium that it has. Carrot juice benefits our body in many ways, let’s talk about a few of them that help keeping us healthy:

  1. Rich in Iron–One cup of carrot juice contains 11 milligram of iron. Iron is a very essential component in our body, it helps to make up a factor in the red blood cells which supplies oxygen to our tissues. Iron is required by our body in the day to day functioning. It is like a fuel for an active and healthy lifestyle.
  2. Prevents Heart Diseases and Improves Immunity –Rich source of vitamin present in the carrot juice, benefits in improving the immune system in our body. Vitamin A also improves eye sight, and on daily consumption of carrot juice, you can avoid all kinds of heart problems. In addition to that vitamin A keeps the internal lining of the organs inside our body healthy and prevent infections by pathogenic creatures.
  3. Helps to Clot blood – When we get wounded or cut, the blood needs to clot in order for the wound to stop bleeding. Carrot juice benefits us again by the vitamin K it has in it to clot the blood instantly.
  4. Reduces Cholesterol–The abundance of potassium in the carrot juice reduces the cholesterol level in our body. Along with magnesium, potassium help to stabilize glucose levels in the blood, therefore reducing the risk of diabetes as well.
  5. Avoids Cancer – researches have confirmed that amplified consumption of carotenoids that is present in carrot juice can decrease bladder, colon, breast and prostate cancer.
  6. Purifies the Liver – It detoxifies and purifies the liver, on the daily consumption of carrot juice the liver releases toxins from the system which is later excreted. Our bloodstream cannot liberate itself of bile and toxins from the kidneys, it needs to be emitted from the skin. The right functioning of the liver is very important as it prevents the fat to get accumulated and help in speedy digestion. This in turn keeps your body fit and makes you stay away from obesity.
  7. Cures Infection – There are a lot of infections that carrot juice can prevent and treat as well. Because of its properties of antiviral and disinfectant it can make internal infections go away. Infections of the mouth, stomach, throat, colon, urinary tract can all be treated by drinking carrot juice. In addition to that, it also cures diseases like measles, cold, rashes, sores, mumps ulcers, gangrene and many more.
  8. Increases Urination – Scientific studies have proven that carrot juice is diuretic. The increased rate of urination removes excess bile and uric acid from the body, eliminates renal calculi, lowers blood pressure, ejects microbes that cause infection and keeps the kidneys unpolluted. Carrot juice plays an important role in increasing the urge to urinate which ultimately helps in removing 4% of fat from your body.
  9. Helps to maintain Menstrual Cycle – Many women suffer from the problem of irregular menstrual cycle or painful menstruation. If you religiously drink carrot juice every day you can rid yourself of these issues.
  10. Anti-Aging– When the beta-carotene enters our body and changes in vitamin A and diminishes cell deterioration which slows down the ageing process in our body. It increases the amount of collagen in our skin, which aids in the maintenance of elasticity in the skin, therefore ageing signs like wrinkles and sagging of the skin is controlled.

Now that we know carrot juice benefits, we all can make the best of it in to lead a healthier life. There are many more advantages of this magical drink. The carrot has a low calorie count and sufficient amount of natural sugar in it. It does wonders at strengthening the nails and increasing hair growth as well. It is a high source of nourishment for the skin and avoids your skin from getting damaged by the sun. So apart from keeping you healthy it beautifies you as well. Women on the lookout of a slim figure will definitely get themselves a cup of carrot juice every day. It is easily available worldwide, and affordable for everyone. And it tastes good too!