What Is Diabetic Retinopathy And Its 6 Symptoms

Diabetic RetinopathyOne of the most common forms of diabetic eye disease is the Diabetic retinopathy. Normally people who are being suffering from diabetics for several long years are prone to be affected by this disease. So, people with diabetes should go for eye check up at least once a year to ensure they are not affected by Diabetic retinopathy. And in case this disease is left untreated, it might lead to increasing risk of blindness.

Diabetic retinopathy is actually occurred when a change in blood sugar level is resulted in a change in the retinal blood vessels. When the damages in blood vessels are large, it might leak blood along with increasing the number of fragile new vessels. This diabetic eye disease is actually of three different types and these are:

Background Retinopathy:

This is the early stage of retinal damage where the very small blood vessels in retina show the sign of damage. This is actually caused by microaneurysms, the swelling of small blood vessels in retina which feed the retina.

Diabetic maculopathy:

This is the damage of macula which is a part of our eyes to provide the central vision. So, diabetic maculopathy is observed when the macula sustains some damage and the most common symptoms of it are trouble in reading, recognizing faces etc.

Proliferative retinopathy:

This is the most developed form of retinopathy where new but weak blood vessels start to form in retina so as to restore blood supply. But the condition might end up turning scary retina while the retina can also be detached and finally lead to blindness.

6 symptoms of Diabetic retinopathy:

Diabetic retinopathy like any other disease is accompanied by some symptoms but the early stage occurs without any symptoms and as the disease is advanced, some noticeable symptoms can indicate that you should run to doctor for an eye check up. The main 6 symptoms of this retinopathy disease are mentioned here.

Blurred vision

Blurred vision is one of the most common signs of diabetic retinopathy and conditions like difficulty on focusing the close objects, a feeling of high pressure on eyes, cloudiness on the eye’s lens, poor night vision, sensitivity to glare etc. are considered as blurred vision while poor vision is also experienced in day time as well.

Eye floaters

Eye floaters are the small sized moving spot in the field of vision and these spots are mainly noticeable while looking at something very bright such as blue sky or white paper. Even though these floaters do not interfere with the eye sight but they are really annoying. The floaters move along with eyes and seem like dart away as you look at them directly. However, most of the people ignore these eye floaters and they also become unnoticed over months or years. But sometimes this might be a sign of serious issue like diabetic retinopathy, which is why it’s better not to ignore this kind of signs.

Double vision

This is normally the perception of two images of a single object seen as overlapping or adjacent to each other vertically or horizontally. Medically termed as Diplopia, this double vision might occur in one or both the eyes. In case one eye is affected, the unaffected eyes can see any object perfectly but the double vision will continue when the unaffected eye is closed and the affected eye is opened.

Impaired color vision

Impaired color vision or color deficiency is the condition when you are unable to distinguish certain color shades. People affected with this can see all colors but have some difficultly in differentiation some colors such as some specific shades of red and green, blue and yellows etc. impaired color vision ability might range from mild to severe depending on the stage and this should not be left ignored if the situation continues for several days.

Eye Pain

Eye pain normally refers to pain behind the eyes, a feeling of burning, shooting, throbbing, aching, pressure, stabbing or else a feeling of something stuck inside the eyes. This eye pain is a very common symptom of diabetic retinopathy and if you are suffering from any of the mentioned feeling, do not ignore the fact and consult with doctor soon.

Vision loss

Vision loss is a very difficult condition that is really hard to accept. So, when you are suffering from low vision, consult with doctor as this is a great indicator of some eye related issues like diabetic retinopathy or corneal diseases which can be treated to restore the vision.

So, these are the main 6 symptoms of diabetic retinopathy and if anyone suffering from diabetes is facing these above mentioned conditions should immediately contact with doctor to prevent any further damage of the eyes that might be caused by the retinopathy disease.