Nine Tips on High Protein Diet Benefits

Protein Diet BenefitsProtein is an important nutrient for our body. It helps in cell growth with developing the overall health. Extra protein also helps in losing the fat by improving metabolism. How much protein one should intake that depends on the gender and on your aim also. If your main aim is to lose weight, you should include more protein in your diet chart. Protein has so many unknown benefits such as cardiovascular health, weight loss, sleep, longevity and diseases prevention. The best sources of protein are: Soya, bean, seeds, egg, nuts, sea food, lean meats and low fat dairy. Protein diet intake provides hundred of health benefits and some of these are explained here.

  1. Helps to lose weight by lowering the calorie intake:

Protein is known for their ability to lose extra fat from our body. It can reduce the hunger. When you have great amount of protein, the ability to intake calorie is reduced naturally as protein is very filling and you will be satisfied by it quickly. Also protein has another good effect. It requires extra calorie to digest the food thus help in quick calorie burning. This effect is called theramic effects. But if you maintain a diet chart that contain low protein and high carb foods, the result will be reverse. In this diet chart both your body fat and muscle mass are reduced.  This is related to weight gain. So include more protein and moderate carb foods in your diet chart.

  1. Reduces the belly fat:

High quality protein intake is related with the reducing of belly fat. Amino acid in food does not allow the body to store fat in belly. If you can consume 10 gms of Amino acid with your every meal, you can have a flat belly. The reason is that this 10 gms amino acid is required by our body to stimulate the protein synthesis, thermic effect, more muscle mass and more resting energy expenditure. So it actually works against the fat gain.

  1. Healthy bones:

High amount of protein intake offers healthy bones. Earlier there was a myth that extra protein intake is not good for bones as it weaken the bones metabolism rate. But recent study has proved that amino acid presented in protein food is the main source of bone building. Also protein can enhance the action of a hormone called IGF-1 which controls the bone’s metabolism rate. Another good effect of protein on bones is that protein can increase the muscle mass which in turn strengthen the bones. So, high intake of protein prevents osteoporosis.

  1. Lowers the blood pressure level:

High intake of protein is closely related with lower blood pressure level. This thing has been proved by the scientist. They have conducted a test with few people. Some were given 60 gms more protein per day while the other group did not increase the amount of protein intake. The result was like the group that increased the protein intake was able to reduce the systolic blood pressure level by 4.9 mm hg. So if you have high blood pressure and you are also suffering from hypertension, control the BP level by protein intake.

  1. Improves the brain function:

Protein is the food for brain. But in order to improve the brain function try to consume foods that are produced from animal. Animal foods protein helps in block building of the messenger cells for hunger, motivation, cognition, wakefulness etc. omega-3 fat DHA, carnosine, creatine, vitamin D, and vitamin B12 are the protein that is available only in the animal produced foods.

But there are some cases where protein intake should be increased even more such as sleep deprivation, braiin disorder, falling cognition and ADD.

  1. For glowing skin, hair and muscle mass:

Skin, hair and muscle repair is also done by the protein rich food. Protein helps in cell growth and cell regeneration. It also improves the blood circulation. Thus skin cell and hair cell is regenerated at a growing rate and you will get a healthy and glowing skin and hair. The same is true for muscle also.

  1. Boosts the energy level

Protein is the macronutrient from which our body gets large amount of energy for doing the entire body functioning. Also the energy for daily movement, memory, physical action and thought is achieved from this protein only.

  1. Improve heart health:

Protein can enhance the heart health also. If you plan to consume great amount of protein, fish is one of the great source of it and you should include it in your protein diet list. Fish contain rich amount of omega-3 fatty acid that lower the cholesterol, help in weight loss and reduces the risk of heart diseases. So if you want to stay fit and healthy, protein intake is really important.

  1. Great lifespan:

An increase Protein diet helps you to live a healthy life by increasing the quality of your life. It also enhances the lifespan. Muscle mass, healthy bones, lower blood pressure, great brain functioning etc are the result of high quality protein intake which also help you to stay alive. So try to have more protein and less carbohydrate to maintain the blood sugar, diabetes, insulin level and heart health. Especially the aged people should have more protein in order to continue the body functioning properly. Protein is a great source of glutathione that lessen the risk of various diseases.

The amount of protein needed by our body depends on the gender. According to some research a man should consume 56g protein per day while this amount is 46g for a woman. But there are so many factors to be considered for the exact amount of protein intake. The factors are age, goal to lose weight and so on. With age the protein intake should be rising so as to maintain the body functioning properly. If you want to lose weight then this amount of protein should be 120g on an average. But again it will vary depending on the gender